Lunch Menu

Available 12pm - 6pm Monday - Saturday

Please note we change our menus regularly, this is just an example of the type of food we offer.

Garlic Bread
Salted cashews and almonds
Nocellera of Sicily olives
Chilli fried corn
Chilli fried salted broad beans

Eaterie Set
1 course £9.95 | 2 courses £13.95 | 3 courses £17.95
To Start…    
Soup of the moment
Farmhouse terrine with red onion marmalade and crostini
Bruschetta with feta, mint, pea and chilli
Pan fried squid on a Thai salad
Then Followed by…    
Blue cheese with a pea and courgette risotto and tomato concasse
Pan fried cod fillet, wild garlic mash and fresh greens
Grilled chicken breast with fresh greens, Boulangere potato and trumpet jus
Pan fried loin of pork with salted white cabbage and charcuterie sauce
And to finish…    
Raspberry and apple jelly with passionfruit sorbet
Chocolate brownie with fresh berries and clotted cream
Creme brulee with shortbread
Vanilla pannacotta served with biscotti and raspberry sorbet

Light Lunches

Small Large
Soup of the moment £6.00  
Smoked salmon plate with dressed leaves, capers and cornichons
Chicken livers on toasted focaccia with fine beans and Madeira and shallot butter
Grilled Rushford asparagus served with a poached egg and Hollandaise sauce £8.00  
Fillet of salmon with peas, asparagus, saute potatoes and crisp bacon
Saltimbocca Alla Romana: Pork fillet and parma ham in a parsley and Madeira jus with spring vegetables and creamy mash
Eaterie burger with hand cut ships and onion rings   £12.95
Dedham Vale steak with handcut chips, onion rings, grilled tomato and garlic butter

Rump steak   £22.50
Rib eye   £23.95