Teams from The Angel Hotel, Salthouse Harbour Hotel and Southwold Pier had the fantastic opportunity to visit some of our most valued wine suppliers in the stunning vineyards in the rolling hills of Verona, Italy.

On their trip they spent time learning the origins of the vines, the nuturing of the fruit and the processes used to capture the unique flavours and aromas of these fine wines.

Some of the wines sampled also feature on our own Hotel wine list including Pieropan who's superb Soave is one of our best sellers, the wines of Ca'dei Frati which benefit from the cool breeze from Lake Garda and some of the finest and fruitiest wines in Valpolicella from our friends at Allegrini. 

The knowledge gained from this trip will be passed on to those staff who were not able to join the trip, to ensure all our staff share the passion for our favourite wines.

All our wines are handpicked so we do hope you enjoy them next come you come in...